The best beauty and makeup Tips

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The subtle world of makeup is no lower than that of a mini-universe. The flamboyant globe glitters due to the charms and beauty of womankind. The beauty of women is definitely epitomized to serene and divine form to be. Whether it is in conditions of hyperbolism or genuine compliment, women have always garnered compliments glorifying their beauty.

Your praises can, even more, be heaped when you can sketch your facial features with a few excellent strokes of your make-up bristles. Womens Makeup, to look elegant and stylish certain basic tips of make-up can be released to offer that edgy look. If you’re new to the cosmetic market, the below-mentioned basic make-up techniques for newbies will show you towards your way of fashion. Take a glance and imbibe it into the quest to be remarkable.

Eyes will be the attention garner of your current personality. Play with the wonder of your eye rendering it even more attractive, though keeping it simple. Being truly a novice, just keep the eye makeup as minimal as possible, else massaging and smudging may ruin the look.

  • Clean your eyelids to eradicate any possibility of greasiness.
  • If you are using pencil eyeliner, start with a lighter stroke and then multiply its shades according to your requirement.
  • While drawing your outlines, try to draw it closer to your lashes as much as possible to give it finesse. Gaps in-between will look odd and kill the entire appearance.
  • Try to wear your eyeliner with open eyes. It will cast a finishing look.
  • Perfect your mascara and give it a natural look by striking it right from the roots. Drawing just at the tips will draw you a shabby appearance.
  • To draw you a deer-eyed look, white-eyeliner can be effectively factored. It will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.
  • While applying kohl, use powder under your lower eyelid after application to avoid smudging.
  • If you have a thin line of the eyebrow, make it a point to make it look fuller and shapely by using eyebrow pencils. This will complete your look.
  • The use of different colors of eye shades can be based on your skin texture. But it should be worn prior to applying eyeliner.

Face Makeup:

Always march with a clean face clear of any dirt. Moisturize that person before putting on a foundation. Keep carefully the pursuing points at heart while taking a makeup:

  • Dab a few dots of basis on certain specific areas of that person and then mix it on your skin towards external strokes.
  • While applying blush at the original stages, beginners retain in mind a little amount will continue to work out effectively. Don’t over-indulge in it.
  • A few thumps of bronzer on your nasal area, cheekbones, and forehead will improve your face traits which make it look brighter and sharper.


I am not such a large lover of lipsticks but prefer using lip glosses instead. The fairly hues of lip balms and glosses steal the show with ease providing it a succulent look. If you are going for a heavy attention makeup, you can use a lighter or nude color to compliment it well. However, if you are stepping out for parties a darker color will add to your charms and vibrancy of the theme as well.

Protect your eyelashes and lips
A month before and after an event, apply a lash lengthening serum or castor oil to the base of your lashes to keep them dark, long and moisturized. Multiple coats of mascara and false eyelashes can cause eyelashes to fall out, so this protects them. Remember to use a lip scrub the day before an event so that any lip product goes on efficiently. Lip liner, lipstick, and gloss are all drying on the lips, so one day after, use a lip face mask, which helps replenish dampness and nourish your pout.