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Colored and ornamental (or special effect) contacts can be considered a really fun and effective addition to a Costume. You can find special effect contacts available in nearly every imaginable color or design. As fun as they could be, however, decorative contacts can cause sizeable dangers to attention health if they are not obtained from a reputable source and fit correctly.

Crazy contact lenses can be worn by anyone, with or without visual impairment. You can buy them directly online or from your local optician, but note that, even without any corrective power, you will need a valid prescription. Moreover, these novelty lenses have recently become a common cause of infections and irritation to the eye. Unlike traditional contacts, crazy contacts are often not handled with care or concern. When using Halloween contacts, it is advisable to follow these directions:

Putting In and Taking Out
When investing in and taking right out your contacts, a guideline is always to wash the hands. A higher level of cleanliness is important to lessen the chance of bacterias and dirt getting into your eyes. If you work with make-up, be sure to put in and remove the connections before you use it to or take it off from that person – particularly when it involves eye-liner or attention shadow.

Do Not Share with Friends
Wearing crazy associates will, as we mentioned above, most certainly create an impressive effect. Don’t be surprised if your friends will want to try the contacts out themselves. This, however, is not recommended, as bacteria may easily travel through the lens from one eye to another. By sharing your contacts with your friends you thus also increase the risk of getting an infected or irritated eye.

Do Not Reuse Crazy Contacts Over and Over Again
When Halloween is over and your crazy contacts have turned out to be a great success, you might think that keeping them for another festive occasion isn’t such a bad idea. The truth is that contacts all have expiration schedules, including crazy connections. Instead of keeping and reusing the same set over a longer time of time, we’d recommend buying a fresh set of the lens when the ability comes up.

Given that you have browsed the protection tips of putting on crazy connections for Halloween or any other spooky occasion, you can safely dress your eyesight with a huge collection of cool colors and styles. When you have never worn connections before we suggest you visit your neighborhood eye doctor for even more instructions.